Tranxmatix Planetary GearBox

TRANSMATIX is catering to the need of various industries for various applications. It has a wide base of OEM Customers. TRANSMATIX is preferred by many, in various fields such as Material Handling, Sugar Industry, SPM Manufacturing, Construction Equipments, Defence Industry, EOT Cranes, Mobile Storage Systems, Chemical Industry, Food & Pharma Industry, Amusement Park Machinery and several other industrial segments.

TRANSMATIX is a trusted name for high level of Integrity, Commitment and service among not only our customers but also our suppliers and friends. Added to this, we have the capabilities of advanced gear design, thereby adding the edge over its competitors in design expertise. We are also known for our quick response to enquiries & fast deliveries.
We have an experienced sales team, who can technically understand the requirements of the customers and at times can also offer better solutions. We have several systems in place for maintaining timely workflow. Each and every gearbox that is dispatched from us goes through a number of intermediate stage inspections and a rigorous performance testing before being sent out. We highly value our quality and believe in a zero failure policy.


Flange Mounted Planetary
Foot Mounted Planetary

Planetary gearing is a gear system consisting of planet gears, revolving about a central sun gear. Typically, the planet gears are mounted on a movable arm or carrier, which itself may rotate relative to the sun gear. Planetary gearing systems also incorporate the use of an outer ring gear or annulus, which meshes with the planet gears. Ring gear, Sun gear, Planets and Planet Carrier comprises of one planetary stage which gives a fixed ratio. Several planetary stages can be combined to get higher ratios.



Torque Limit

These type of gearboxes have an advantage that additional mounting specifications (clamping, locating etc.) are not required, as these are directly mounted on a shaft
Manufacturing Range : Custom Built as per customer requirements.

Customize Gear Box
Planetary Gear Box With Motor
Gear Box ,Creep Drive


Winches are becoming more and more popular in recent times. A winch is a geared drive used for rope winding. It is commonly used in a wide variety of applications such as cranes (CT, LT & Hoist), ships, windmills, construction etc. for a lifting/pulling motion.

Winches are custom built based on following required parameters:
• Line Pull
• Line Speed
• Wire Rope Diameter
• Length of Wire Rope
• Input Speed