TDS-INDIA is involved in Supply of Gear Motor. We offer you our HYDRO-MEC Italy – European Quality Gearboxes Inline Gearbox, Parallel Gearbox, Bevel Gearbox, worm gearboxes single or with attached electric motor in the versions round or rectangular as a simple worm gear, as a twin worm gear or as helical worm gear from stock. Available as aluminum, cast iron or stainless steel gearbox. You also have the option of generating the right drive for you based on our modular system. Whether special flange, special shaft, special mounting position or other special requirements – we assemble your individual worm gear motor!

Of course you will also receive our worm geared motors, on request, as explosion-proof motor according to ATEX directives.

We are one of the leading Gear motor Supplier in the India, with including range of Product:

  • Shaft Mounted Gearboxes(Parallel)
  • Helical Bevel Gearboxes
  • Inline Gearboxes
  • Worm Gearboxes

These are some of the factors that give us a substantial boost over other competitors in the market. Few other factors include with complete details of our gearbox and Motor.

Shaft Mounted Gearboxes (Parallel)

Hydromec shaft mounted gear units are typically used in conveyor and material processing applications.

The unique modular design of this product allows us to stock numerous ratio combinations along with many motor input options. This slim design shaft mounted unit is available in aluminum and cast iron and is perfect when space is limited.

Helical Bevel Gearboxes

This robust, compact and powerful helical bevel geared motor units.

Hydromec offer reliable and low maintenance operation for high power/high torque applications such as agitators, lifting gear, extrudes, mixers, mills, drums and crushers.

Inline Gearboxes

The Hydromec range of inline co-axial gear units offer a solution that is high capacity, high efficiency, quite running and reliable.

Our in-house assembly center allows us to build co-axial 2 and 3 stage gear units in both aluminum and cast iron construction from stock.

Worm Gearboxes

Worm gear units are the most commonly found speed reducers that appear in industry today. They represent a cost effective, high-performance solution for simple applications that require relatively low torque.

To ensure interchangeability with other manufactures we stock both the round and square aluminum base units in Stock port.